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If you’re like most investors, you probably market to find motivated sellers, collect seller leads, and end up closing some of those leads.

But how many of your leads do you close?

12%? 15%? 20%

Heck, if you close 20% to 30% of your leads, you’re a rockstar. Enjoy your Rolls Royce.

But let’s face it, in many markets, the competition of hungry investors drives that closing percentage down

… meaning that most investors are throwing money at a diminishing number of closable leads.

(You already know this: how often have you been frustrated by the LACK of replies to your marketing campaign? And, how often have you wondered if there was a better way?)

Bottom line: it’s getting more and more expensive to close fewer and fewer leads.

Look, we get it. You need to do everything you can to close more deals. And the temptation is to turn up the marketing machine to try to get a few more leads.

… But sending out ANOTHER costly postcard campaign, or throwing more dollars at Google AdWords (or putting up even MORE bandit signs), is NOT the way to do it. That’s the shotgun approach and it costs a lot of money.

And guess what: the highest level investors around the country have discovered: this “shotgun” method of marketing for leads is VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE.

Here’s What’s Really Happening Behind The Scenes

(I Hope You’re Sitting Down)…

Investors who scoop up those deals (approximately 12%-20% of your campaigns… or 30% (if you’re a rockstar) are just harvesting the “low-hanging fruit.”

Yup. They’re scooping up deals that were going to happen anyway, no matter what schmuck called the seller.

What investors TOTALLY MISS is this: many of the other leads are still highly motivated… they just take one “magic trick” to close the deal.

(But most investors don’t know this magic trick so they keep throwing money at marketing campaigns to scoop up the low hanging fruit.)

BUT… the investors who deploy this magic trick into their businesses are elevating themselves out of the shark-infested waters of “easy deals” and discovering a whole new source of deals (as many as 63%… 65%… even 70% more deals) that they didn’t even realize existed!

“Tell Me Now… WHAT Is That Magic Trick And How Do I Become The Magician Who Performs It In MY Market???”

Want to know the magic trick that can get you 63% to 70% more deals almost immediately?


… but not just any follow-up.

(Chances are, you already knew that follow-up is important; and chances are, you sometimes remembered to follow-up on your leads, right? That’s not the “magic trick” I’m talking about… keep reading to find out what I mean…)

With decades of hard data collected from thousands of investing clients, we’ve discovered the costly truth: most investors know that follow-up is important but they SUCK at it: they leave as much as 63% to 70% of their deals in the garbage pail while they chase the more expensive low hanging fruit (that all their competitors are chasing too).

No really. You may think your follow-up game is on point but our experience shows that there are holes in your deal bucket, and those holes are GUSHING deals… and dollars!!!… out of your business.

(It’s not your fault: almost no one has their follow-up game dialed in; even your mentors or coaches who have been teaching awesome deal-making strategies are missing out on a ton of money too!)

You and your team may be great and scooping up those low-hanging deals, but you probably haven’t even heard about the highly specialized opportunity-analyzing, lead-nurturing strategies that turn cold, dead leads into ready-to-sell-now leads.

So, when elite investors came to us and asked us to plug their leaky deal buckets and help them get more deals without blowing up their marketing budget, we rolled up our sleeves and built the REAL “magic trick” that rapidly grew the number of leads they closed…

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Here’s The Magic Trick: The Proven Plug-N-Play Follow-Up System To Do More Deals Almost Immediately (Without Blowing Up Your Marketing Budget)

It’s simple: your existing team has been built to find new leads and scoop up those low hanging deals. Keep doing that.

What’s missing from nearly every investing company we’ve analyzed (even the biggest players who do deals nationally) is an additional follow-up system run by a follow-up expert.

No, not just bugging one of your team members to call back old leads, this is completely different…

… we’re talking about a remote team member called a Virtual Lead Manager (VLM) who “plugs into” your company and systems, yet runs YOUR leads through OUR field-tested proprietary step-by-step follow-up system…

  • Assessing your leads for quality and opportunity against our proven OpportunityAnalysis™ metrics, so they know which leads are the ones to act on first
  • Connecting with seller leads using multiple channels (and communicating using our tested scripts) using our RapidConnect Nurturing Pathway™ to nurture the relationship and position YOU as the investor who can help them
  • Setting appointments for you or your team to go do what you do best (close those leads!)
  • Even working with leads that you once thought were “dead” (we regularly find tens of thousands of dollars of profit from leads that our clients think are dead thanks to our 18-point Deal Diagnostic Process™)

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