Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Postal-Impact certified Virtual Lead Manager instead of getting one of my own?

The answer is actually that either one will work. The most important thing is that you are hiring a dedicated team member to keep their unwavering eye on your most valuable asset – the lead – and run follow-up sequences on every single one. Investors simply cannot afford to see this as a low-value activity any longer.  

That said, since you asked, below is a list of reasons why hiring a VLM through Virtual Lead Managers MIGHT be a slam-dunk for you:

Speed of Implementation

Within two weeks, you could have a pre-qualified, trained VLM nurturing your leads and running follow-up sequences on old leads to immediately bring some extra money into your business.  Easy button.


Our VLMs are given personality tests to determine if they fit the ideal profile of someone who needs to be detail oriented and methodical about their responsibilities.


Whether it is an existing familiarity with the CRMs that are common to real estate investors or a built-in cache of effective scripts and follow-up sequences to run on your leads, our VLMs are pre-trained to hit the ground SPRINTING for your business.  They are also your dedicated hire, so any customized instruction or direction you can give them just makes them all the more effective and excited to be a part of your team.

On-Boarding Easy-Button

The hiring process of a VLM with Virtual Lead Managers involves a short series of guided interviews.  The first video meeting is with you, to understand your company and make sure your VLM is integrated as seamlessly as possible into the process you already have.  Then, a hand-selected group of 3-5 VLMs is presented to you to interview so you can make sure they are a fit with your company culture. The entire hiring process is completely arranged by people who have years of experience helping guide real estate investors through in the most efficient and effective way possible.  We even provide you with a list of questions that are good to ask if the interview process seems daunting to you.

Shared Economy of Data

Although you might not initially think so, this is the BIGGEST value we will bring to your business and what will set us apart from any other Lead Manager you hire on your own, or through another company.  While your VLM is hired by, and dedicated to your company, all of our VLMs are part of a community created and maintained by Postal Impact and Rocket Station. Postal Impact is a company that uses data and analytics to generate motivated seller leads, execute marketing campaigns, and consult with some of the biggest SFR real estate investors in the nation.  This position will be no different. As we work with hundred of VLMs and analyze thousands of follow-up sequences and activities, we will be able to identify the sequences and systems that are most effective. As that data comes in, we will use on-site training, webinars, calls, to both give and receive feedback that will constantly make all of us perform at our best.

How much will this cost?

Set-up Fee – $995.00

  • This fee covers the screening and training each VLM will go through before they get to you.  We run all of our VLMs through a personality screening to make sure they’re a fit for the type of role they’ll be performing.  You’re going to want someone who is detailed and methodical, because you’re going to want them to be happy crossing every T and dotting every I when it comes to taking care of your most valuable asset.

  • The fee also covers the training your VLM will receive to perform the functions listed below – everything from entering leads into your system to running pre-set, systematized follow-up sequences on every lead that comes through your door.

  • Because there is no contract when you hire your VLM, we need to ensure that all of the time spent setting up and training your team member is covered.  This is the only up-front cost you will incur.

Full-time hourly rate - $12.60
Part-time hourly rate - $15.00

  • You will only be charged for actual hours worked.

Who will manage my VLM?

You, or someone on your team, will manage the day-to-day of your VLM.  You will have the ability to customize their day to fit your company’s needs since this will be your dedicated Manager.   

Do I have to sign a contract?

No!  The on-boarding fee covers the up-front costs we incur to get you set up properly. So, while we know this team member will make a huge difference in your business, you have no obligation to continue if they are not providing the value they should.  If, for any reason, the individual person you hired is not a fit, we will work with you to provide an alternate Virtual Lead Manager who is a better fit without an additional on-boarding fee being charged.